Can you really learn Office in 15 minutes?

I was looking at Microsoft’s training website today and noticed this bold claim:

Screenshot 12:19:12 1:00 PM-4Of course I clicked. It turns out they meant in 15 minute increments. I didn’t really know how to feel about this banner. Duped? Relieved? (Could someone really learn in 15 minutes what’s taken me years.) In the end I just nodded my head and said that sounds about right.

I think most users are happy (happy may be a little strong) to devote 15 minutes to learning something meaningful. If you string enough of these together and are smart about the subject matter–well you might just have yourself a training program.

I remember giving a speech to a group in Dallas five or so years ago and challenging them to cut all of their training courses in half. And then cut them again. At the time, attendees thought 1 hour was as low as they could go. I pushed them to try and get it done in 30 minutes. I wonder how they will feel about 15 minutes?


mLearning: PLTG Handouts

I was in New York on Friday to talk with the Professional Legal Trainers Group (PLTG) about mobile learning. We shared our war stories and our successes. Most of all we shared some laughs about this crazy business we are all in.

What we didn’t know at the time was that a heartbreaking tragedy was developing just a few miles north of us. I found out about the school shooting when I got to the airport. Like most people I felt an overwhelming since of sadness and fear, but I also felt thankful that I got to spend my morning with a community of peers that I respect and cherish.

When I got home I hugged my son tight and let him open some Christmas presents early. In any case, here are the handouts.

Adobe Captivate 6 Sample – From eLearning to mLearning

In an earlier post, I wrote about how I used Hype to create an HTML5 lesson that was targeted specifically for the iPad in support of my presentation at ILTA this year.

I also wanted to address how existing eLearning that was created in Captivate could (or could not) be repurposed for mobile devices. Captivate 6 does support publishing as both SWF and HTML5. In theory, republishing an existing lesson as HTML5 should make it playable on a mobile device. Continue reading


I’m working from North Carolina this week. Or I would be if I had remembered to pack my power cord for my MacBook. Amazon to this rescue. What did we do before Amazon and UPS?

HTML5 Sample for ILTA 2012

This year I was  lucky enough to get a fantastic topic to present at ILTA’s annual fall conference: mLearning. I was given 90 (!) minutes all to myself, and my presentation was scheduled for 11 am on Wednesday. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks Julia. In a future post, I hope to post my entire presentation, but in the meantime, I thought I would share one of the samples I created for the session. Continue reading

This is Me Now

I’m exhausted. I completely ignored all of the alerts that MobileMe was shutting down. I don’t use iWeb. So, I figured, who cares? I’d already moved my mail and calendar over to iCloud. So I just deleted all those messages from Apple. I like deleting stuff.

Well, it turns out I actually had all the files for mine and Ken’s websites stored on MobileMe. Why? Because I was too cheap to pay for additional hosting. I had several registered domains all pointing to folders on MobileMe. Long story long. I now have hosting.

And a fresh start on the web. Hello.